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Federal Payroll Tax Credit

IMPORTANT: Federal Payroll Tax Credit Expires Soon

During 2020/2021 many small businesses suffered financially and many went out of business. Many businesses could not qualify for PPP loans.

LIMITED TIME Tax Credit from the I.R.S. for small businesses with at least 5 non-family w2 employees, even if you received a PPP loan.

Go to the website link below to learn more about it and share the website with as many people as possible before the government runs out of money.

Get Your ERTC Refund: Only takes a few minutes to get started and get the money the I.R.S. may owe you.

Maximum Tax Credit: Have a team of CPAs to verify you are getting the money you deserve. Your CPA may not get you the best results because processing ERTC refunds is not what they do everyday. 

Audit Protection: Most services don't offer this protection because they do not use CPAs to for the work that is needed to avoid audit from the I.R.S. 

Go to the website below to get the answers to the most common questions and get the process started today before the tax credit expires or all the money is given away.
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...Before It Expires in 2024

#1 Money Accelerator

The Money Accelerator is the most affordable program out there to learn about Affiliate Marketing and Cost Per Action (CPA) Marketing. You will learn other strategies that are not taught anywhere else. 

For the price, this is the most highly recommend training program you can get. This is why it is listed #1 on this list. 

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#2 Clever Network Marketing

When people sign up for the network marketing business opportunity, they are often taught to post on social media.

Yes, these strategies work, but it is the hardest way to be successful at network marketing.

Contrary to what people say about network marketing, you make the most money with most network marketing companies by building wide. 

What that means exactly is to have as many people directly below you (on the first level) as possible.

This includes getting customers. Most of the people that start network marketing have limited time. 

But you know who has the most time?

They are the leaders who have been successful enough to make network marketing a full time business.

What do you think they do with that time? If they are smart they are learning all they can about marketing and the latest trends.

Do you think they are sharing those secrets with you? 

Get Clever Network Marketing and start to learn what most leaders and gurus are not telling you.

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...Learn What They Are Not Telling You

Get Upline Secrets to learn how to get a website for $37/month which comes with a step by step training on how to make a network marketing sales funnel from scratch, which includes access to a $997 affiliate marketing course.

Stephanie G

#3 CF 30 Days

The Clickfunnels 30 Days program is a must if you are going to make money online.

You don't have to have the Clickfunnels software to take advantage of this knowledge. 

The 30 Days program is about the exact things 30 millionaire entrepreneurs would do if they lost everything and had to do it all over again.

The problems with most programs is that people explain how they became successful without sharing exactly how they did it. 

The reason why this course is a must is because you get to see the behind the scenes activities including the exact website pages and the psychology why they put certain things on their sales funnels to get people to buy their stuff. 

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...Learn The Secrets of Top Entrepreneurs

#4 Chatbots

Using chatbots is an easy way to get leads, but not used by most people.

The simple reason is that they either don't know about it or there is no training on how to use chatbots to get leads.

Even now, chatbots are rarely used in affiliate marketing or network marketing. 

Click on the button below to learn how to make money with automated bots. 

Make Money With Bots
...Even If You Don't Have A Product

The best part about this program is that you can have done for you bots including selling products for Amazon, Affiliate Marketing, and Network Marketing. While you can make simple bots on your own but it would easily take you hundreds of hours to create these bots or impossible to create for most people.

JoAnn M

#5 Tube Monetization and Automation

Probably the most intensive training on how to make money with YouTube. You get over 50 hours of information on how to make money from YouTube.

This course has a 120-Day Action Based Money Back Guarantee.

There is no course on the internet that gives you 120 Day Money Back Guarantee.

This is easily the best course on how to monetize your YouTube Channel.

  • Updated for 2023: This course might be slightly different than the 2021 version and the course is always improving. 

  • Faceless YouTube Channel: Learn the best strategies on making a YouTube Channel without using your face.

  • Bonuses: Get 6 bonus when you use the button below.

Automate Your YouTube
...With Most In-Dept YouTube Course

#6 YouTube Influencer

YouTube Influencer training is an affordable option to learn about how to do affiliate marketing on YouTube.

Get this now before the price increase.
Learn YouTube Basics
...With Most Affordable YouTube Course

#8 Super Affiliate System

The Super Affiliate System by John Crestani could be considered the best course on affiliate marketing. The focus is mainly on products from Clickbank. He has a system where you he and his team give you software that will put your affiliate links on the landing pages for you. 

What makes this course special compared to others courses that I have purchased is that there is ongoing support in the form of a forum and weekly webinars so you are upto date on all the trends in affiliate marketing.

You can binge watch all the replays from 2019 to 2023.  

super affiliate system

If you do get the Super Affiliate System, I would recommend watching all the replays and sign up for the inner circle if it is still open.

Betty J

#9 Real Estate Investing

Below is the most affordable option to learn about real estate investing.

You get so much value, below is just a summary of what you would get:

Start for only $59 

​​Get course about wholesaling real estate worth that usually sells for $599

​Access to hundreds of ours of education, including the best no-money-down strategy to get nice houses in nice neighborhoods especially in a down market.

​Forms and contracts included 

If all you did was use this information to buy your own house with now money down and without real estate agent fees, then this will be the best investment you will ever make.

Get Real Estate Training
...For Started for Only $59

#10 Asset Protection

If you're looking to protect your hard-earned assets and secure your financial future, then the William Bronchick, ESQ Bulletproof Asset Protection course is a must-have resource. Here's why you should consider investing in this invaluable course.

Typically, this course is sold to real estate investors, but it is practical for any business owner or entrepreneur looking to protect their wealth or save on taxes. 

This is especially true for network marketing because most people do not know about taxes and often file taxes as a sole proprietor which could result in the highest tax liability. 

Secure Your Financial Future
...Save On Taxes & Protect Your Wealth

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